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Drug Matters

If you are facing drug charges of any kind, our experts are here to help. We will ensure you receive the best possible defense.

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Drink Driving Lawyers

Are you facing a drink driving or traffic related charge? Our friendly, expert team of lawyers are here to help.

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#1 Criminal Lawyers Melbourne

A good legal representative can help you weigh the options, understand the consequences, and get yourself in the best possible situation considering the circumstances.

If you are facing charges, it’s no time to gamble with your future. Here are some things to look for when you consider hiring a good legal team.

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1. Get Legal Advice

Before you even speak to the police, request a consultation with your legal representative. This may be the most important stage of determining an outcome.

2. Consider Your Options

Get a thorough review of your situation from an experienced criminal lawyer and whether to make a recorded interview or no comment. A lawyer can advise you on this.

3. Legal Costs & Fees

Consider a privately funded representation or whether you may be eligible for Legal Aid in Victoria. To find out more about your options for funding a legal defense, see legal aid.

Make an informed decision.

Factors to Consider in Choosing a Criminal Lawyer

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Free Initial Consultation

It’s all too common, when someone is arrested for the first time, for that person to try to get the hassle over with quickly by simply pleading guilty.

What you may not realize is that you could be facing the consequences of that choice for years to come.

Some people have the mindset that a traffic offense is a “minor” criminal charge, but in many cases this is far from the truth. Charges like dangerous, reckless, or negligent driving can carry extensive penalties.

Most Experienced
Most Experienced

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Best Case Scenario
Best Case Scenario