Criminal Assault Lawyers

Assault Lawyers

If you have been charged with assault, you could find yourself being pressured to plead guilty. Before you make a decision it is advisable to seek help from assault lawyers. They have the power to potentially get minor charges dropped, or more serious convictions downgraded.

Understanding assault charges

Like all sides of the law, there are numerous types of assault charges you could be facing. It can be difficult to understand assault laws as they are known to be fairly complex. They also differ slightly depending upon which part of Australia you reside in.

The different types of assault include:

  • Domestic assault
  • Indecent assault
  • Non-domestic assault
  • Sexual assault
  • Common assault

Common assault can come with a penalty of up to 2 years in prison. One thing to note about this type of assault is you don’t need to have caused actual bodily harm to be charged. Instead it can include intimidation and threats. It is a difficult case to prove as the defence needs to show that the accused caused the victim to believe they would be harmed. The actual common assault charge is made up of many elements which can be difficult to understand.

Another thing that is looked into with any assault charge is whether actual bodily harm was caused. This includes both physical and psychological harm that has been caused and proof of intent needs to be found.

Due to the wide range of assault charges, the penalties you face can vary significantly. Therefore it is important to seek legal advice if you want to know exactly where you stand.

The importance of a good lawyer

Finding a good lawyer can make the difference between getting prison time and having your case dropped. It is important to ensure you choose the best assault lawyer you can find. Ideally they should have many years’ experience handling the type of assault charge you are dealing with.

The right lawyer will be able to raise issues regarding the prosecution’s case such as problems with evidence, negligence, intent and conduct. If there are any weaknesses within the prosecutor’s case you could potentially get the charges dropped with a good lawyer.

If you are facing assault charges, our team of friendly, experienced assault lawyers can help. With years of experience dealing with cases just like yours, we offer the very best defence. Call us now on 03 9021 2234 to talk through your options or to book a consultation.