Drug Criminal Lawyers Melbourne

Drug Lawyers Melbourne

When you are facing drug charges, we understand it can be a very worrying and stressful time. Even a minor drugs charge can impose a significant fine. The severity of the charges will depend upon the type of drug offence, as well as the amount of drugs it involves.

Possession charges, for example, carry a lighter sentence than supplying. The actual drug laws also vary between states and territories. Therefore it helps to have a good understanding of the local laws in your area.

Regardless of what charges you are facing, it is important to ensure you get the best legal defense. No matter how hopeless you think your case may be, our team have helped to successfully defend and have serious cases dismissed.

Understanding different drug charges

There are a variety of drug offenses you can be charged with. These include:

  • Possession or supply of illicit drugs
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or with illicit drugs in your blood
  • Manufacturing or producing prohibited drugs
  • Cultivating prohibited plants
  • Intentionally importing prohibited tier 1 drugs
  • Exporting or importing border-controlled plants or drugs

It is important to note that you can be charged while driving under the influence of drugs, even if the drug isn’t prohibited. In order to convict you, the police will need to produce a medical report which clearly states your driving abilities would have been affected by the amount of drugs in your system. Even a first offense can land you in prison for up to 9 months and the fine stands at around $2,200.

One of the most serious charges would be if you were found guilty of intentionally importing prohibited tier 1 drugs such as Methamphetamine. This carries a sentence of up to 5 years in prison and a 1,000 penalty point fine. However, there are drug offenses that can land you in prison for up to 25 years.

With this kind of prison time, it makes sense to hire the best drug lawyer you can find. They can help lower your sentence and potentially have it quashed altogether.

If you are facing drug charges of any kind, our experts are here to help. We will ensure you receive the best possible defense. Contact us now on 03 9021 2234 for more information. We will explain your rights and highlight how we can help you.

No matter how minor or severe the charges are, we can take on your case and help you to achieve the best possible outcome.