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Murder Lawyers Melbourne

Under the law, homicide is considered the most severe crime and offers the stiffest laws and penalties available. The term “homicide” can encompass a wide arrange of offenses with a wide range of varying sentences. When one is faced with murder, the best defense and protection is to have the best possible defense lawyer on one’s side.

These lawyers are able to thoroughly assess your situation, provide you with the best options and develop the defense most suitable for your particular case.

Elements of Murder

Under Australian law, there are four ways to define and prove murder:

  • Killing a person with the express intent of killing,
  • Killing a person with the explicit intent of inflicting grievous bodily harm,
  • Killing a person while committing a crime of violence which is defined as felony murder.
  • Reckless murder,

The majority of states in Australia have a statutory definition of murder. When an explicit definition of murder is lacking, common law is used to guide in deciding what actually constitutes murder.

Penalties of Murder

Since murder cases are often complex and can involve any number of motives, any number of parties involved and varying levels of culpability, the sentencing can vary dramatically. The maximum penalty for murder is life imprisonment.

First-time offenders could possibly look at a sentence of 18 years. If the Supreme Court hears the case, history and empirical evidence has shown that a sentence of 20 years is common.

Homicide Lawyer’s Role

Whilst some people may decide to defend themselves on their own or turn to legal aid, it is best to hire an experienced homicide lawyer.

They have the expertise and knowledge to carefully craft your defense. Common defenses can include:

  • Self defense
  • Necessity
  • Duress

Sometimes a homicide lawyer can prove that you were so in fear of your life or even a close loved one’s life that you had no choice but to kill. Other times they can show that murder was a necessity due to extreme conditions such as severe abuse or torture. Other times, they can show that extreme duress such as maybe an illness caused a party to commit homicide.

When it comes to charges of homicide, a good homicide lawyer could mean the difference between you being found innocent and serving life in prison. To find the right homicide lawyer for you, simply call (03) 9021 2234 today.